How do I end my game? (Solved Kinda)

So a bit of an awkward question here, but how do I end my game? I'm making a gamebook with various endings and cannot figure out how to set up an ending. What I want it to do is, when you get to a certain page you click the link and have that trigger the endgame, but for the life of me I cannot find the script to trigger the end of my game. Am I just being dense here? I really feel as if I'm missing something very obvious.



Also see:

Right I looked a bit and that doesn't appear for me. is that just a gamebook thing? Like, I don't appear to have the option to end my game, as strange as that sounds.

Whoops! You DID say gamebook, huh?


I found this request (Quit, ""), but it's not the same thing. It just exits abruptly.


It seems as if you just don't have any links on the last page (or last pages, if you have multiple endings), then you just drop a


Alternatively, if you haven't written an awful lot, you could do this:

You will have MANY more functions to choose from, including finish.

I have to restart Quest due to errors when I put finish into Code View in a gamebook, by the way, so I apologize for having advised it!

I guess Game Book doesn't have the 'finish' Function (no 'end the game' functionality)

No yeah turning it into a text adventure seems to be the only real solution haha. That's an odd little thing, that the gamebook doesn't have a real way to end the game. Oh well, I appreciate the help!

Game Book seems to work on the idea of "Always forward", so, if the last page has no where to go, then the story is "over".
But Text Adventure works on "moving around" so it needed a way to stop...
Altho, if the last move the player makes puts them in a "room" with no exits, then the game is over...

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