Sound stops playing when another plays.

So I'm making a gamebook game, and I have added an ambient background sound thats started by a counter once the player gets to a certain page. The script for the background is in the game page. But now I have this other sound that plays when the player gets to another page, but its just an effect so it shouldn't replace the background ambience. But once it plays, it stops all other sounds, how do I prevent that?

also it restarts the file once i move to another page

I had a similar problem and came to the conclusion that Quest is limited and will only play one sound at a time. I had to redesign my game based on this flaw. I also discovered that sound samples shorter than a second will be allowed but don't play and break the game! Not all the tutorials explain these issues properly..It can be trial and error! I had to dump nearly all my planned ambiances sounds because other sounds interrupted them. One way around this is to shorten the samples and loop them with a fade in and fade out so that it doesn't sound as obvious when a change happens. Good luck!

You can also use HTML audio elements to play sound, which is more complex but also more flexible.

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