How/where to create a private/meme story for friends

I'm making a little interactive game for an online community I'm part of. It's a bit of a meme but I do plan to put a lot of effort into it.

The problem is that it's not really a story for public consumption. I mean, you can play it, but you wouldn't understand the references, and parts of it will be quite crass/rude/lude.

As such I'm looking for feedback on how to pull this off. It may be that this website isn't the place I'm looking for; but if that is the case, I'd appreciate some help in figuring out where this idea best fits.

Just create an unlisted game; only people you give the link to can access it.

If your worried that your game will go to others that should not see it then you could create a password for your game at the start of the game and anyone who does not enter the correct password will cause the game to suddenly end.

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