class questions

Does anyone know how to unpublish a game that has been published within an classroom?
We are also unable change the name of a game that has been published. We are changing the name of the game on the Setup page, clicking Publish again, but the name never changes.
Also - it seems as though the Description field on the setup tab never displays anywhere for us. Is there a way to get that to show up?
I'd love to connect with anyone using in their classroom - I am using it with 6th graders right now.
Thank you!

Hello amybrudin.

Can you tell me the game name and the user?


Kate A - I believe the game was called Dark Forest (although at some point we tried to rename it Do Not Play - that didn't seem to work for us, though...)

Hi manowar!
Just reaching back out to you, per the Pixie's suggestion, about help with
Were you able to see the game I mentioned above?
Let me know if I can provide you with more info.

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