Ugh What did I do differently?

So for reasons I am unable to interact with one of my objects. I can't open it, look at it or anything. The other objects I'm going to use with it still say {object:namehere} compared to the current one that says Top Drawer.

Is it because I don't have a Verbs script to go with it?

Edit: So it turns out I turned one of the interactable objects into a room so that's what I did differently.

That being said STILL why can't I get these objects to be interactable.

hmm.. we can fix it (and explain the issue) for you, if you can provide your game code..

are you working with the 'desktop/off-line' version of quest or the 'web/on-line' version of quest?

if working off-line, then just right click on your 'WHATEVER.aslx' game file itself, and choose to 'open' it, and use some text editor software (notepad, wordpad, Apple: text editor, notepad++, etc), then highlight all of it, copy it, and paste it here like so:

(paste your code here)

but without the M's in front, which creates this:

(paste your code here)

which, we want, as this "code box", preserves all of the formatting (spacing/indenting, etc)

if you're working online...

you got to download your '' published game file onto your computer

the '' published game file is actually a bundled/zip file (the quest site/server does this when you publish your game file and other needed files to it) holding your media files, library files, game file, etc

so, we got to unbundle/unzip it, to get at your 'WHATEVER.aslx' game file (and/or also library files, if using those and if needed to figure out what the coding issue is)

to unzip/unbundle the '' published, you should just be able to use free unzipping software (I think these are still free): 7-zip, winrar, etc

once you got to your 'WHATEVER.aslx' game file, then just do the same stuff as the section at the top to get into your game code

if you can still open/load into the GUI/Editor... then from there, at the top of the screen in the menu bar, there's a notepaper like button, between the 'play' and 'help/?' buttons, this notepaper button is a toggle between the GUI/Editor mode, and the full Code View mode (your entire game code)

but if you got some code compilation errors, then you got to right click on the file to open it up, as the GUI/Editor will be unable to open up due to those code compilation errors

about errors and/or crashing:

don't panic, all it means is that you messed up something in your code

there's different types of code errors:

some errors just effect game play, either minor errors (you can still play most of your game and/or complete your game) or major errors in that it messes you up from playing your game and/or completing your game

but some errors, will prevent you from playing your game at all, and some errors will prevent you from even loading up your game file into the GUI/Editor

but fear not, we can always open up the full game code, via right clicking on the game file, and then, it's just a matter of finding/identifying the errors, and then in fixing the errors up

if your game crashes during game play... the usual cause is an infinite loop in your coding... which can be fixed easily too, just need to fix up the code so its not an infinite loop

any computer action takes up resources/memory, and you got a finite amount of computer resources/memory... whereas an infinite loop... is infinite actions... and since you don't have infinite computer resources/memory... it crashes...

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