Cannot take item

I'm using The Pix's CombatLib but now it seems to break the 'take' functions.
for example:

> take crowbar
Error running script: Cannot foreach over 'Object: crowbar' as it is not a list

How can this be fixed?

I usually just delete new code until I solve the problem.
Hope this helps.

Could you explain what do you mean by 'delete new code'?

The way "take all" works changed in 5.8.

Are you using a library from Quest 5.8 with an older version of the editor? I believe that would cause the error you're experiencing. Or possibly a library which includes a modified version of the 5.7.2 take command being used with the 5.8 core.

If there's a custom take command in the library, it would be helpful to show us. I'm not at my computer (have been in hospital for over a week) so can't find it right now

Seems like I have downloaded the 'outdated' version of the CombatLib, i've installed the most recent version from github and it works. Thanks all.

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