doorway to play game or Quit

like the tile says i am trying to create a doorway
if i go North i can start the Adventure if i go south i quit

You can name the room whatever you want and exits whatever you want.
Why don't you just name a room, 'doorway' and then make a north and south exit?

Why would anyone do that?

I picture the player starting the game and seeing two doors: this one you play the game you started with the intention of playing. The other one finish the game you want to play.

Sounds pretty pointless.

Remembers me a game I played once. Right at the start the guards comes to recruit the player. You can join the guards or say you won't. Then I thought: "Oh... Interesting. What happens if I don't follow the guards? My neighbors will call me coward and I will feel forced to attend the call? Will a loved one take my place and get in danger?"

Nope. The game ends. Forget about hard choices. Forget about meaninful choices. Just throw some choices so you may call it "interactive".

You could save your time and effort and focus on the stuff meaningful to your game. If you just want a sort of "Quit Game" option right the start, leave to the player closing the window. You have too many things to care about as a game designer.

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