CombatLib Help? [Solved]

So I did a stupid and did not backup my game in another folder before adding a new library. I know I should have done that but I usually am fairly good with fixing the problems if they come up, but this time I can't.

Edit: I managed to restore the game, but I still would like some help with CombatLib

I was trying to install Pixie's CombatLib into my game and followed the instructions exactly (at least I'm pretty sure I did). I can link the page for the instructions if need be, I just wasn't sure I'm allowed to link it since I'm still new to the site.

The instructions said to first add 2 other libraries to the game, which I did, then after add all the files and add the CombatLib.aslx to the game normally. I did all that and it did fine, I got the yellow bar which told me to save the game and reload. I did. I got this error: (The website just takes you a screenshot.)

It says, Failed to load game due to the following errors: *Error: Error adding type 'wearable' to element 'garment': No element 'wearable' of type 'ObjectType'.

I haven't messed with any of the files at all, I only read through them, so I don't know what's causing this error. If anyone has used this Lib or knows how to fix this problem could help, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!

load your game in a text editor...
Notepad ++ is a good choice.
(oh, after re-reading this, I guess you have opened it with a text editor...)

Yes, I managed to restore it, but now I'd like to figure out how to correctly install the Lib without that error again.

I should have figured that out earlier. Thank you!

From the error, it sounds like you did not add ClothingLib, which is odd, as you do say you added both. If you open it up with a text editor, what are the first 10 lines? If the libraries are there, it should look like this (which is only 7 lines, I know):

<!--Saved by Quest 5.6.6108.15891-->
<asl version="550">
  <include ref="English.aslx" />
  <include ref="Core.aslx" />
  <include ref="ShopLib.aslx" />
  <include ref="ClothingLib.aslx" />
  <include ref="CombatLib.aslx" />

Hmm okay that is weird...I checked before and I guess the last time it didn't install properly? I did have ShopLib but the ClothingLib.aslx didn't save apparently.

I did it again and it ran just fine now. thank you very much!

I must be really bad at this because now when I try to run the game I get this error:

The following errors occurred:
Error: Error adding script attribute 'script' to element 'InitUserInterface': Function not found: 'SetInventory2Label'

I'm pretty sure I added all the files needed, it's 10 files and the .aslx?

I also did the CombatInitialise at the game start script, though I'm not sure if I did this part right. This is currently what I have in that section, if it is the correct section, I didn't see specifically game.start.

start type="script"

Okay, that could be a bug. I will check it out.

Okay, thank you for the trouble! I'll keep working on it in my end and update if I can get it to work.

I wasn't able to figure out what the main cause of the problem was, but I did manage to get it to work by re-extracting the files into the game folder. I'm not sure if one of the files I had wasn't correctly extracted the first time or not, but the game is running again.

SetInventory2Label is a function in Deeper (my game that uses CombatLib) that sets up the spell inventory, however, I cannot see it in CombatLib at all, so I cannot see how your game found a mention of it. Are you also using InvPane2.aslx?

I am not using it, no, I only have what was given in the download link and I couldn't find an InvPane2.aslx anywhere.

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