Limit inventory... does it not work?

I see the option as a feature with a tick next to it. I also see in the player object the ability to limit the number of items as well as weight, but I cannot get it to work it seems. For instance I've set the limit to 8 items and have a wood log item. I clone and move it to player but it will add beyond 8 of them. Is there something wrong with the cloning part? Does it not consider each instance individual? Is it just not implemented?

I noticed a post about this asking how it was done, but that was back in 2009. I would assume the feature would be in by now but I have just now started getting into Quest so I have no idea how the different iterations are going and I haven't had a chance to really deep dive into the change log.

The inventory limit prevents the player using commands which would add an item to their inventory if it is full; such as take log.

It doesn't stop you moving items there by using script commands, because it's assumed that you will check the limit yourself.

Ah ok. That makes sense even if it's not ideal but I guess I don't expect to have my hand held completely.

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