Problem with an system of saves [SOLVED]

hi people here its rock. I have an big deal/problem. Im trying to do an mini system of saves in my game. A nd have this problem. Im trying create an thing like an room with the champions that the people will could play. In that case 9 in line.And that iiiii... don't know how to implement this on quest engine. I tried SAVE library but not works good. Not good. And... some of you can give some solve to that? Because im sure that i reall wanna make my game in this engine.


I wanna make an menu (that i was do it), and that will have the 9 champions with some attributes basics. The player choose one these nine characters. After she/he play even after choose somes kind of things(race, class, clan/guild*,clan*,guild*) in that time he receives some attributes like atk def. And will be that grinding. After the grinding in some location he or she i dont know will need some kind of secure SAVE. When he or she she or her comeback that person will need these atributes saved in 1 (ONE) OF 9(NINE) these champions. And how in that part i dont know how to implement in quest engine.


I think that type of system like ZELD/PKMN system save give more securance to the user player. And some kind of the user player will like to play more or call your friends to that task. About the design... im sure that engine isnt able to do so much thing like show hp bar, but the name and im satified.


Use some kind of puzzle command like IF or FOR to do such a thing like save player progress on his subscription save. But no number on back the name. Just the name. Be save 1 or save 9, that thing will be that save on his specific save all right? I think is that. I expect that can do explain thee all thing right. Im waiting the answer

check here:
for commands and other things, or just ask the devs.
sorry; im not sure how to do "champion selection" on here either. i would suggest doing either of those options or waiting until someone else replies with a solution, if there is one.
have a great day!

Hmmm. Im not see anything that help in the text processor. I need save text in somehow whole form like localStorage in a javascript

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