Image Commands [SOLVED]


Does Quest support putting commands/hyperlinks of the {command:SomeCommand:SomeDisplay} variety into images? Thanks in advance!

The displayed text for a link can be anything, including an image.

If you mean displaying a text link over the top of an image, you can do that using CSS to position elements on top of each other; or you can create a div or other element with a background image, and then put text in it.

If you want a specific part of an image to be a link, you could either use <usemap> (which I think is deprecated, but might still work), or give the image a click handler which uses the coordinates from the event to trigger a SendComand only for specific parts of the image. (Or, to make it easier for people without mouses, put a transparent image link positioned over the clickable area; so it's still a link and can still be tabbed through)


Thanks for the quick response!

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