Is the game maker for text adventures running slowly for others?

Does the Quest game maker for text adventures run slowly for others? I know my laptop is not the best, but it has a lot of space and I do not remember it running so slow before when I had an even older and more sluggish laptop. I do not have SSD, but it feels like it drags between each and every new room, object and presumably script I give it.

I am not loading it to play test it, simply creating a room with nothing in it and it pauses. Create an exit and it pauses. Create an object and it pauses. Rinse and repeat. Is it suppose to take so long? I timed it and it is between three to five seconds. Is it only going to get worse, as I add more and more things to the game or is this about as long as it is going to take to create rooms and objects? I am literally only on my third room with hardly anything in them in this particular game, for objects, scripts or otherwise. Thank you.

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