Replicating Gamebook pages in Text Adventures?

So basically, I'm working on a game, with a style based on Monster Prom and the Yawhg. So like, choose a location to go to, a random scene plays based on the location, you are given choices that determine the outcome of the scene based on your stats, and those outcomes can potentially set up unique scenes for later.

The problem is, while the actual text and choices part of the scenes would be far easier to set up in a gamebook, and even the going to different locations part would be possible, stuff like stat-based outcomes and scenes being randomly selected but sometimes pre-decided require the use of a Text Adventure style.

My question then is, would there be a simple way to replicate the Pages used in Gamebooks, in a Text Adventure type game? So basically, an image and text, with choices given, but removing the players ability to take actions besides the given choices.

I just set all of the "panes" options to 0. The inventory panes are 0, the status panes are 0, the object panes are 0, the exit panes are 0.

I do not know how to do everything else.

This question has come up before. You might want to have a look at the following.

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