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Quest is great, but the player can be a pita unless you run an box, I don't and although I got it working via a few tricks on Linux, the result was inelegant and buggy.

I spoke to the previous maintainer of quest and he said his plans were to get quest 6 with a web player that was truly multiplatform, is this still the plan? I see the v6 repo is 11 months old, and not moved since.

I don't like rushing devs who do hard work for us all, so please don't take this that way, it's just a question about your future plans.

Or... Could someone with more brains than me have a look at the questjs repo and see if it's easily fixable to work with the current version of quest?

Thanks in advance


Pixie is working on quest development and is maybe trying to learn more about quest (Alex created it using a bunch of different programming languages) to work on converting it to being fully JS so it can be used by any platform (as Alex was trying to do with quest v6.0: "QuestKit", before he had enough, ~20 years of developing quest, and moved on with his life): (read down some of the posts to get to what skills/knowledge is needed for quest development, conversion to JS, and server usage)

Pixie currently released v5.7 of quest, which has a lot of new features in it, so right now, not sure if he's trying to work on learning how to convert to JS or not, unless he's made some announcement I've not seen. You can pm him, and try asking if he'll try to work on learning to convert it to JS or not (and/or if he has been, where the progress is at).

I would love to do this but right now i do not have the skill set. It might happen one day but not in the next few years.

I would have 2 requests for the next version...

  1. FileRead and FileWrite... Even simple programming languages have that function.
  2. Better error messages... if nothing else, when an error is discovered, display the text line it thinks the problem is.

Cheers guys (and gals) I appreciate the honest answers.

Thanks for the time you all put in

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