A Basic, Basic Question.

I'm... really tired.
And this is about the most basic question, but here goes!

The player can speak to a character. I want said character to say something, and invite the player to sit with him. I currently have in the verbs menu to run a script, starting with printing a message.

How would I then present the options of 'accept' and 'decline', with one answer returning the player to the room description page, and the other clearing the page and triggering the next scene?

Edit: This is in Quest, Windows version.

menulist = Split("Choice 1;Choice 2", ";")
ShowMenu ("Question Here.", menulist, true) {
  if (result = "Choice 1") {
  msg ("")
  else if (result = "Choice 2") {
  msg ("")

Let me know if this helps you!

Thank you so much! Exactly what I needed!~

@Anonynn One more thing: How do I present a 'Continue' button? I want just one verb in a room, that, once clicked, moves player to another room.


wait {
  MoveObject (player, C02)

Providing you are moving the player to room C02 that is...

That doesn't seem to be working...

Where are you placing the code???
I used it in "After entering room".
That way, you see the room description, then have "continue" printed.
(Are we talking about TE or GB???)

TE. Let me try that...

EDIT: I think I got it! Thank you!


Glad you got it figured out :D


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