[PC version] Changing the name of directions.

I've just started making a game, and it says (eg) "You can go east or west". The words 'east' and 'west' are like links: clicking them makes the player character walk in that direction.

I want it to say (eg) "You can go into the sea or into the forest", with 'into the sea' and 'into the forest' still being links.

In the Room description tab in Game, set the Exits list to 0.

Then when writing the room descriptions use this format instead:

You're in the hallway of your house. At the far end lies the {exit:kitchen_exit}. To your left the living room and to your right the stairs lead upstairs.

There's a {object:box} here.

The exits still have to exist, but this way you can name them what you like.

Also, on the exits, you must give them a Name (in the example above the room is called kitchen but the exit has been given the name kitchen_exit

In your case you would name the rooms into the sea and into the forest, but then you must give their exits a name, so that you can use the tags.

Thanks--but I can't get it to work.

I typed {exit:jungle} in the room description. This is the name of the relevant exit according to the menu on the side.

But when I 'play game', it just displays the text '{exit: jungle}', without a hyperlink.

I tried it with and without a space between 'exit:' and 'jungle'.

Click on the exit itself in the tree in the left-hand pane of the UI and you'll see a Name field about half way down the page. You have to give the exit a name and then use that in the code.

See image: https://s29.postimg.org/oznm65dfr/exits.jpg


PS I actually found another way (go into 'code view' and change the aliases).


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