How do you remove a option from set variables?

Not sure if I typed that right, but I'm using set variables to make options for people to click in my game, problem is they can click it again afterward which I don't want. So how do I remove it after its use? (linking to another topic that explains this would be fine.)

not sure if this is what you want...

(not the best example, but my brain isn't working right now lol)

player.parent = room

object_variable = create ("example_object")
object_variable.parent = room


example_object.displayverbs = NewStringList ()
list add (example_object.displayverbs, "take")

example_object.inventoryverbs = NewStringList ()
list add (example_object.inventoryverbs, "drop")

example_object.take => {
  example_object.parent = player
  if (not ListContains (example_object.inventoryverbs, "drop")) {
    list add (example_object.inventoryverbs, "drop")
  if (ListContains (example_object.displayverbs, "take")) {
    list remove (example_object.displayverbs, "take")

example_object.drop => {
  example_object.parent = player.parent
  if (ListContains (example_object.inventoryverbs, "drop")) {
    list remove (example_object.inventoryverbs, "drop")
  if (not ListContains (example_object.displayverbs, "take")) {
    list add (example_object.displayverbs, "take")

this is what I'm using, to make multiple option links.
sorry not that code savvy.

If you're using conversations to set it up you should definitely check out the Pixie's ConvLib.

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