Crashes Upon Reloading Saves

The game will crash when you try to load a save file while sitting on a "wait" function (when the "Continue..." link is present). Is there any way for a creator to prevent this?

How does the player save the game during a wait?

The only way I can think of is by clicking the 'Save' button while playing online, and I just tried that. It will save the game while the 'Continue' link is still displayed, but, when loading the save, everything works -- the wait is simply cancelled by Quest.

I realize that your game may have something scripted which makes it behave differently than my example game. The only thing I can advise without seeing your code is to hide that Save button before a wait, then show it again after the wait.

Like this:

  // Whatever your code is

Here is a link to my test game. Just click save as soon as it loads (without clicking 'Continue'). Then, load the save. It should just bypass the wait when the saved game is loaded.

Do you have a link to your game? Or some code we can look at?

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