How to test the condition "has page has been clicked", then...

Trying to use this as a choose your own adventure training simulator, rather than a game and i am attempting to control the flow but unlocking a page only when 3 pages (a,b,c) have been clicked.
Using web editor, can i create/get an attribute like "BeenClicked"? in order to control the flow??

If you are using the Gamebook mode and the GUI, it is very easy. Just start an IF condition. On the next following menu there is an option "Player has seen page".

If you are making a Text Adventure or using the Text Adventure mode to create a Gamebook, ou need to set a flag and then check the condition. So, let1s say you want checking at page 10 if the player has seen page 4. At page 4 you set a flag named 'player.page4'. At page 10, you create an IF statement 'If player has flag 'page4' then'...

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