Saving Game on my PC

If I create a game, using the Website. How do I download the game to my own PC ?

I have been working on a game for over a year (using the online version of the editor) and I still cannot download it from the internet ! I am also having absolutely zero results "publishing it"!!

If you want a copy of the .aslx file so that you can continue working on your game using the desktop Quest, click on "Create" at the top of the site and look down your list of games. They should have a "Download" button.

If you want to download the published .quest file ready to play, you'll need to publish the game first (you can do this without making it listed on the website if you want) and then click on "View/edit game listing" and download it from there.

(the only downside to publishing a game is that you can no longer delete it)

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