Exporting Quest Game

I need a way to export a game in Quest as either an HTML or and EXE file. I know that you can do that in Squiffy but I don't know how to code so Quest is more appealing for me. Is there any way to export my Quest game as HTML or EXE?

I think this has been brought up before, and I think the answer is no...

Unless you can code the entire program of Quest in html along with your game, no...

(It's doable, Quest is just a text adventure program after all. I just don't recommend it.)

So then the only way to play these games is on this website using the Quest program?


If you have Windows, you should definitely install the desktop version of Quest.

If you have no Windows, you have to play the games on this site.

Quest is built on and around a lot of built-in Windows stuff.

I can't even get Quest to run successfully in WINE on Linux because there are so many Windows dependencies.

This website runs on Windows server based software (I think), and there is actually an online version of Quest which runs the games from the server -- not directly from the browser.

The creator of Quest attempted software to convert Quest games to websites, but major parts of the Quest code clash with Javascript; so, the project was abandoned, and there is no way to convert Quest games to websites.

BUT, there is hope in the future:

(The first and last posts (both by The Pixie) are the important ones.)

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