My game isn't saving

I think this might be because I attempted to publish it early.. But there was just a few more fixes I was making to the published version as I played through it one last time and I noticed a page was missing.

I actually made the game for a game design assignment that involves making a puzzle with at least three steps to complete. But I've also written the possibility of missing the tools you need to progress and going back to receive them when you reach the point that you need them. My problem is, as I said, I was missing the page that allows you to go back and get them. So I added it, but now it isn't reflected in the game anywhere.

The game editor has been marked constantly as already saved, so I can't save it manually and you can see that it isn't in the game despite being there in the editor.

" page was missing." ? So you are working on a gamebook? Online or offline editor? You can't find the page in the editor or the published game?

I guess it might be a gamebook.. I don't really know what that means. I was just trying to make a text adventure.

But thanks for the quick response! I was using the online editor and the page is there in the editor, as well as being linked to from the page that's supposed to allow you to go back, but when you encounter that page in the game, the second option isn't there.

So you are in the editor, click on "play" and when you get to the page that should take you to the new page, the link is not shown there?

Yeah, pretty much. It actually sends you back to a previous page where you have to explore that area to find the tools, but it's the same idea.

And that page IS linked in the editor, the option to click it just doesn't show up in-game.

Strange. I can't do much without seeing the game itself. Try changing the name of the new page

That didn't work. :(

Because the bug where it won't save my changes is still happening. I tried changing the text and removing + relinking the problem page, but it doesn't matter because nothing is being saved.

(Sorry for delayed responses by the way. I'm currently at work.)

I realise this might be a bit simple but are you playing your game from ‘ view game listing’ or from the green PLAY icon ? If you have not pressed the orange PUBLISH UPDATE icon your changes will not be on the online game for other players. They will just remain on the green Play on your games list.

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