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I have just downloaded Quest for Windows, and I really look forward to creating my first Gamebook.
I live in Denmark and chose the Danish language, but as far as I can see there must be several errors in the Danish language file, because when I tried creating just a small game with just 3 rooms - and all the exits, ect. - nothing happens when I try to enter one of the rooms (I click the word "nord" [go north]). Well, except I get the Danish translation of the "DefaultOops" from the language file.
I tried creating a new game, this time in English, with the same rooms and exits, and this time it works perfectly.

I am completely new to Quest, but wondered if I can do something to fix the Danish language file - or if someone can tell me why I get the DefaultOops every time I test the game in Danish.

[oh, and PS: I have also tried the browser version of Quest. I ran into the 'No template named 'remove'' error. I found the fix on the forum for the desktop PC version, but how do I fix that in the browser version?]

Thank you,

You can't change this in the browser version. It will be fixed with a new version of Quest.


I was using Nederlands instead of Dansk.

I can't get past an error concerning the lack of a 'remove' template.

If the game is small, you could post your code (or a link to your game), and we'll try to help you out.

Thank you very much for your kind help.
Here is the code for the small test game I created: Code.
Here is the Danish language file (edited by me): File.


The Dansk 'go' command:

<template templatetype="command" name="go"><![CDATA[^go to (?<exit>.*)$|^go (?<exit>.*)$|^(?<exit>north|east|south|west|northeast|northwest|southeast|southwest|in|out|up|down|n|e|s|w|ne|nw|se|sw|o|u|d)$]]></template>

The Spanish 'go' command (because I'm better at Spanish, and this is just to share a theory):

    <template templatetype="command" name="go"><![CDATA[^ir (a|al) (?<exit>.*)$|^ve (a|al) (?<exit>.*)$|^vaya (a|al) (?<exit>.*)$|^vete (a|al) (?<exit>.*)$|^vayase (a|al) (?<exit>.*)$|^váyase (a|al) (?<exit>.*)$|^ir (?<exit>.*)$|^(?<exit>norte|este|sur|oeste|noreste|noroeste|sureste|suroeste|adentro|afuera|arriba|abajo|n|e|s|o|ne|no|se|so|entrar|salir|a|ab)$]]></template>

See how the Spanish one has Spanish words for the command's pattern, and Dansk doesn't?

...and Nederlands is set up the same as Spanish:

  <template templatetype="command" name="go"><![CDATA[^ga (?<exit>.*)$|^ga (?<exit>.*)$|^(?<exit>noord|oost|zuid|west|noordoost|noordwest|zuidoost|zuidwest|erin|eruit|omhoog|omlaag|n|o|z|w|no|nw|zo|zw|nb|omh|oml)$]]></template>

The problem is that the dansk language file (and only this language file) includes

<include ref="EditorEnglish.aslx"/>

instead of

<include ref="English.aslx"/>

so missing templates can't be replaced by the orginal english ones, so the new rename template (and others) from the waerable extension is not available. And I don't think you can add templates in the browser version

Oh. EditorEnglish instead of English...

So I see (now that you've pointed it out, ha-ha).

Hello, Pertex!

I didn't even see your first post. (My PC is down, so I'm stuck with a small screen.)

Thank you, both of you. That took care of the problem but revealed another instead:
Now, if I play the game (see the game code above in my second post) and click the Danish word "nord" in the sentence "Du kan gå mod nord" I get the message that translated from Danish means "I don't understand that."
If I type the command instead, in Danish ("gå nord") I also get that error message, BUT if I type the command in English all is fine and I can move to the next room.

There must be something more wrong with the Danish language file, I guess? (see (edited) language file in my second post))

I am eager to learn how to use this system and really appreciate your help.


You got that right. Some templates were not translated into Danish. Look at this template:

<template templatetype="command" name="go"><![CDATA[^go to (?<exit>.*)$|^go (?<exit>.*)$|^(?<exit>north|east|south|west|northeast|northwest|southeast|southwest|in|out|up|down|n|e|s|w|ne|nw|se|sw|o|u|d)$]]></template>

It should look like this:

<template templatetype="command" name="go"><![CDATA[^go to (?<exit>.*)$|^gå (?<exit>.*)$|^(?<exit>nord|øst|syd|vest|northeast|northwest|southeast|southwest|in|out|up|down|n|e|s|w|ne|nw|se|sw|o|u|d)$]]></template>

(I changed only some words here, you can replace the others)

There are other templates not translated like undo,inventory..... Maybe you could translate it and provide us with the new version of dansk. aslx?

Thank you, I will do that.
I'll just post it here when I have finished the translation.

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