Hosting Game on my Domain

Hello Community!

Not dragging much of your time, I'm going straight into my questions.

  1. Can I host the file on my server? If yes please let me know how it is done.
  2. Rephrasing again, I'm not talking about HTML CSS hosting, I'm talking about file.
  3. I created a game and I would like to host it on my server, what are the all different possibilities?

I hope I was able to convey what I want to ask if anyone knows how to configure such a server, please let me know. Thankyou in advance

You can put the Quest file on your server for people to download, but they would need to install Quest in order to play it. If you want to let people play online you would need to install Quest on the server – which I believe is quite difficult to set up and isn't well documented.

I am ok to configure it manually even if I have a small lead to proceed.

Can you redirect me to the not well-documented article/blog? It would be a great help.

K.V. posted this link:

@Pertex Thankyou. Hope I can find a way to host my game through it.

I think the OP of this thread (mono in 2021) got the web player working on their own server. Said notable just couldn't figure out how to load a game in that environment.

Now that I read over the info again, I notice that link only shows how to run the web player from Visual Studio. (Doh! Well, maybe that was the missing clue needed by that particular OP.)

Anyway, I think you have to build the Quest project in Visual Studio, then host that built web player on your server.

If anyone gets it working, pretty please return here and post the steps taken to do so for everyone's future reference. (If there is documentation concerning this, I'll be darned if I've ever found it.)

Yup, I was able to host in on my server. Thank you, everyone.

You can check it here my house.

Also if anyone who is less technical with servers and want to host their own game, feel free to check my blog or personal blog, I'm going to update it over there.

Here is a self-hosted game with HTTPS enabled. my house

I got an error saying it could not find the file...!

It works for me, I'm also interested in seeing how to make this possible.

Wanted to click your links, but paranoid.

Both Pertex and jmne seem to have clicked on a link, and neither of their computers seem to have spontaneously combusted.

Still can't quite click.

Am I being silly?

I wouldn't click on it either, even if I did... I guess I'm paranoid and a hypocrite...

Perhaps you should read his blog

It doesn't make sense from my point of view to go to all the trouble of installing a Quest - web player on his own server with his own game to corrupt Quest's small community. There really is a Quest game running!

GW Grue, I really like your speculation and your concern not to visit websites randomly.

If you have gone through any of my blog posts on or, you can surely realise that I'm trying my best to make people understand cybersecurity and its potential threats.

Keep this aside, I would like to remove any misunderstanding if you have any.

  1. This is hosted from Github, it is a Gatbsy oriented website.

  2. This is a Ghost blogging platform, the next best alternative to CMS.
    Both of these websites allow native HTTPS, protocol; which allow me to mask it with Cloudflare, which automatically changes my location as a purpose of it's CDN. (And in many cases they prefer the US and EU)

  3. is a free domain, provided by Freenom, I usually test any of my works with this Domain, so that it will not interfere with my SEO. Also, for hosting a quest game, you need an website, for that, I used hosting platform's 60day free trial, I'm not sure of their free trial data centres.

  4. Finally, after successful installation of the quest game(on, I used my personal server (AWS Windows 2019) + personal domain (*

You might have a doubt, why it is hosted in India, the obvious reason is, I'm living in India.
You might also ask, why the is not masked with Cloudflare, the reason is straight forward; look at the protocol of this website, is it allowing HTTPS? NO. For anyone to install HTTPS to their quest game, they should not proxy their A record of their domain and should use let's encrypt SSL.

I tried to explain as novice as possible for most of the people to understand

It seems the only thing to wait for now is for the article to go up! :)

Okay. I'm going to click on it because I'm pretty darned sure that I can trust Pertex.

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