Adding a music

I did everything like the play a sound but It doesn't work for me. Please i had to add a sound to my gamebook

Help me

what version of quest web or pc?
and what is the format of the song?
Is it mp3?

You can put it in the start script of the game, but i wouldnt recommend large audio file.

Mr.night. I'm using a phone and the Song is mp3 while I don't have a clue that quest or web has a version

You need to be able to either link to the audio file directly or give quest a direct path to the file on your computer.

If youre on your phone youre using the web version, so I'm not sure what the method if any there is to do that.

Thank you for you're advice

This forum post might help you figure out what you are trying to do.

You should have a backup file format to fall back on to prevent the sound not being played.
I suggest you encode all your sounds/music to both .mp3 and .ogg and script them both.

There's information about this on the forums (search for Audiovidlib, Ogg etc.

I've never worked with gamebooks so I don't know how it differs from scripting in a text adventure (I'm guessing it's easier though).

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K.V. (a super swell guy who used to roam the forums. Incredibly helpful too!) wrote a library called AudioVideoLib. It's a fantastic tool for adding sounds/music to your game. I'll never use another to be sure!

Check this out:
Click here for info and download.

Download, information and documentation can be found within the "game".

Someone say my name?

Hello, everyone!

You can't add libraries unless you're using the desktop version of Quest.

...but you can use the built-in stuff to add an mp3 on an Android device (I assume it should be similar on iThing):

I created a new gamebook online:

I selected Page2 (which is where I will add a sound).

Changed the dropdown from "Text" to "Script + Text", then clicked "Add a script". (NOTE: I have to turn my phone so it is vertical to see the "OK" button during this step.)


Now to add the sound file.

First, click on "Choose file".

Then, select "Choose file" a second time.

At this point, it asked if wanted to allow Chrome to access a couple of things. I clicked "Deny" both times.


Then, I selected my audio file:



Now, my sound is set up to play when Page 2 is loaded, BUT it will probably not work on all devices.


Some phones (or tablets) only play ogg files, and some only play mp3 files.

A few months ago, my Android would not play sounds from a Quest game without adding HTML controls, but now it works perfectly. (NOTE: I just updated my phone today. That may have something to do with it.)

Here is the test game, if anyone would like to try it:

The only thing it does is play audio when you go to Page 2.

This works on my Android phone and in Firefox on a PC. (I doubt it works across all devices.)

If you'd like to get more technical with HTML and/or JS (to add controls or include backup formats), this should help you out:


Thanks for the kind words, Cheese!

@KV: Yay! I missed you man.

@andes vermom: That should solve it! :)

MP3 has never worked for me on Quest.

MP3 has never never worked for me on quest.

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