Spurious reviews

I posted this on "General" but not sure if that was the right forum!

Alex used to have a system in place allowing authors to request a "review" of spurious reviews and subsequently to have them removed if he felt that was appropriate. Can this still be done, and if so, how?

Manowar is in charge of this site now, so you'd have to ask him, or whoever of the other mods (Pixie, Jay, Pertex, etc) whom have such powers to remove reviews:


Mods don't have the power to remove reviews. Only the site owner does.

Hello peter.

Use the contact form to explain what review is affected.


Thanks for your reply, manowar. Sorry to appear a little slow, but what and where is the contact form?

If you scroll down the page to the bottom there's a link that says 'contact us'.
I assume he means that.

Thank you

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