Fast travel

Hi, as somebody new to this I was wondering how to go about creating some sort of fast travel system and how that could look like. I figured I should ask before I spend a lot of time on something that isn't right

Each of my towns has a town center. It is where a player will go when they type "Travel (town name here) They must enter a town name, not a building or whatever.
I use this for my fast travel function. I call it in the travel command. (Thanks go to mrangel)
It will give a list of towns the player has visited.

msg ("<h2><center>Fast Traveling")
ShowMenu ("You have decided to fast travel to another town.<br>List of available locations you have visited:<br>", game.travel_location, true) {
  NewLocation = GetObject (result)
  if (player.parent = NewLocation) {
    msg ("You are already in  " + result + ".")
  else if (NewLocation.visited = false) {
    msg ("You will need to visit there before you can fast travel there.")
  else if (NewLocation.visited = true) {
    msg ("You travel to " + result + ".")
    MoveObject (player, NewLocation)
  else {
    msg ("You can't travel there")

ViewObjectScreen is another function I made. It is:


ReturnFromViewObjectScreen is another function of mine.


You can delete them if you want.

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