Greater than error [SOLVED]

I'm making a game with a turn based combat system. But i have found that when attacking an enemy, Quest throws an error saying something about things not being defined for ">" on integers and strings. It was working fine before, and seems to only happen with some of the weapons. I have it set up so that when attacking, it checks for the player's ammo count. Like this :

if (player.ammo > 0) {
    [enemy name here].hp = [enemy name here].hp - player.dmg
else {
    msg ("Out of ammo")

Never mind. It was a problem with one of the guns configured to have infinite ammo. Apparently something wasnt working with the "infinite" set as the maximum ammo. I set it to 9999 and made it change to 9999 everytime ammo went down and its working now.

make sure your Attributes are Integer Attributes and not String Attributes

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