Trying to output from Quest

Hello there. I'm relatively new to Quest, and I'm trying to figure out how to output information from the game to somewhere else, like a spreadsheet, website, or email.

Specifically, if several people were playing at a time, on different computers, potentially in different cities, and at the end the game it sent the contents of their inventories to a central location where we could compare how people did and who all discovered what, ideally in real time as they each hit the end. What I don't want to do is have to pull up an email browser or any other software, because the computers they are playing this on will be mostly burner laptops just for competition play and won't be set up for much else.

You could output an HTML form with a bunch of hidden fields containing your data, and have that form submit to some web interface you control. A PHP script, or some kind of CGI; even scripting in Google Sheets could handle the input.

Quest's front end is a web browser, so you can do anything a normal browser can do. But this isn't something it was ever designed to do, so it's up to you to build the spreadsheet or website that receives the information.

Pertex put in a pull request to cover something that may be related; it is now part of Quest:

I am not sure how it should be used, and Pertex does not seem to have done much with it, but it might help...

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