Missing function in ConvLibrary

Hey there, I'm using Pixie's conversation library to create dialogue with my characters, but I've encountered a problem I can't seem to solve.

The library uses a function called 'P', but I have no idea what this function is supposed to do. Without it, all I get is an error stating "Error running script: Function not found: 'P''. Is there something that I've missed?

I never heard of that one before.


It prints a msg. It should be built into Quest, unless you are running a version before CoreWearable was added in 5.7.1.


See line 754.

This is the function, if you need it:

<function name="P" parameters="s">


Which version of Quest are you running?

I've experienced something similar with the ConvLib.
Every time I add it to a new game and run the game I get an error that it can't find the function called "Print".
I've always just created an empty function and named it Print and that has seem to fix it.

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