Is it possible to have an open/close option in (Gamebook)?

I use Gamebook.
So I've been wondering, if you're familiar with small buttons in other text games that will lead you to a backpack or character skill set and such. The player has the freedom to open and close that option and return to the game. Is it possible to do in Gamebook as well?

Here's what I want to do:
I was hoping to do a backpack for the players. Kinda like they can check their pack and use items along the way or save it for later.

Or to have a skill set option where they receive stats as they play the game and they can use it anytime they want. Kinda like a mini menu of some sort.


the Game Book only has 3 types of Objects for you to work with:

  1. the 'player' Player Object
  2. the 'game' special Game Settings and Publishing Info Object
  3. the Page Objects

so, you can just use a Page Object as your "backpack" functionality, moving to and from this "backpack" Page of yours

I'm not sure if List/Dictionary Attributes exist in the Game Book or not...

basically though, you got to try to use the Page Objects for whatever functionality you want

and also all the means available with the scripting itself as well (again not sure what's available in the Game Book vs not available)

"Page Objects" is the "Pages"?
I'm okay with only using these 3 types of objects to make the "Backpack" Page. I searched through different threads for help but there's none I found that helped me.

Is it possible to make the "Backpack" page a pop-up page?

yes, the 'Pages' (which you can name as whatever you want) are Page Objects

in a Text Adventure, you can make whatever Objects you want, for examples (directly in-code scripting):

create ("orc") // creates a 'orc' Object
orc.strength = 25

create ("ogre") // creates a 'ogre' Object
ogre.strength = 75

create ("dragon") // creates a 'dragon' Object
dragon.strength = 100

but in a Game Book (aside from the 'game' special Game Settings and Publishing Info Object and the default 'player' Player Object --- which also the Text Adventure is required to have as well), you only got Page Objects (the Page Objects of the Game Book are the same as the Room Objects of a Text Adventure), for examples:

game.state = 3

player.alias = "HK"

Page1.alias = "dark forest"

Page2.alias = "character stat information screen"

Page3.alias = "item shop"

I'm not sure if the Game Book has the popup window feature (in Text Adventure, you can have a menu that's a popup window, and you select what choice you want)

you'd just create a Page Object named as "backpack", and move to that page, whenever you want to do stuff with it, and then have the scripting for that Page to handle your backpack functionality... not easy... stuff to do or to try to explain....

create/add new Page:

Name: backpack // or whatever (for example: backpack_1_page_object), and then use the 'alias' String Attribute for its "backpack" name // the 'name' String Attribute is the ID for quest, so it must be unique, and thus it can't be changed. But this is why there's the 'alias' String Attribute, which has the built-in functionality to act as the name, for the people playing the game

Page Type: [script] or [script + text] ->

add new script -> (see below)

you'd need to craft/create/write/code in the scripting to handle all the functionality that you'd want... for example of some functionalities of a "backpack":

  1. to show/display a list of everything in the "backpack"
  2. to keep track of the quantity of items (and/or weight of them) within the backpack, incrementing/decrementing as you "add/remove" items from the "backback", and checking if you're trying to add an item past its quantity and/or weight limit
  3. able to "add" things to the "backpack"
  4. able to "remove" things from the "backpack"
  5. to be able to "select" something from the "backpack" to act upon (could be tied together with #4 and other actions too, like #6, for examples)
  6. to be to examine something in the "backpack"(like if its a weapon, to see its specs/stats/etc stuff) (again, this could be tied with #5)

and whatever other functionalities I might be forgetting that could be useful (like: raising/lowering the backpack's quantity of items and/or its weight limit)

I don't know if the Game Book as the 'Verbs' feature/functionality like the Text Adventure does... if it does... this stuff will be much easier...

you might want to use a Text Adventure for your game instead, and make it look like a Game Book, as this will make it easier for you, if you want to do a lot of such fancy stuff like this...

the Game Book is really just a bare-bones system for creating CYOA games... so it's not really good for doing anything else... such as RPG like stuff, you'd be better using a Text Adventure and making it look like a Game Book instead, than in trying to do all the scripting within the Game Book... as it's a lot harder and more limited...

Pixie made a Text Adventure that looks like a Game Book hybrid... if you need help finding it let me know... though I don't know if it would still be compatible with the current/newest version of quest or not... hmm... might want to ask Pixie, as he'd know more

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