Using objects with similar names

Hi there,

This may be a very stupid question, but I can't seem to see any way around it. I am using the online tool. I have no experience of programming.

I have is a bookcase. When you examine the bookcase you see an interesting looking book. This is what happens:

examine bookcase
Most of the books are missing or damaged but one catches your eye. It is a red book that sticks out further than any other book on the shelf.

examine book
Please choose which 'book' you mean:
1: bookcase
2: red book

I want it to just examine the book not give me a choice of everything with the word book in it. Is there a way to do this?

Another example of this problem would be when I have objects in a room with similar names to group them together and find them easily in the object list.. For example:

Shed key
Shed door

If I say open shed it will present me with a choice to open all of these, including the shed key, which I would obviously not want to open. Is there anyway to exclude this object from the command? In this example I could of course give them different names, but it is useful to have similar names so that items in the same room are grouped together, and with the book and the bookcase there really isn't another name I could give them.

Thanks a lot in advance.

If I say open shed it will present me with a choice to open all of these

It shouldn't. If there is one just called 'shed', that will be an exact match. It only recognises part of a name if there isn't an exact match.

So in the case of the book, if you put in "book" on its own as an alternate alias (on the 'object' tab, I think), then "examine book" will choose that even if there's another object whose name starts with 'book'.

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