Increase Scroll Speed

Hi there,

I'm having an issue with my game where if people move around too quickly that the scrolling seems to wonk out. It scrolls to the bottom, then bounces back up a bit, then scrolls back to the bottom, then back up a bit (but less than before), and repeats. I think it's just because so much text is flying at the screen that it is too much for the scroll to handle.

Is there a way to adjust the scroll speed to be faster so this is less of an issue? My room descriptions are pretty short and simple, but if there isn't a way to increase scroll speed, I will probably just have to cut down on the room description layout.

Any code and/or suggestions would be appreciated.

Random additional question: Is there a way to not have Quest auto-populate "A" or "An" before every room name?

It's much more of an issue on mobile. I suspect it's at least partly because Quest attempts to start two different scroll animations simultaneously.

If you want it to move quickly, you could do something like:

JS.eval("scrollToEnd = function () {$('html,body').stop().animate({ scrollTop: document.body.scrollHeight }, 'fast');}")

This should mean that when new output is sent, it stops any current scrolling, and scrolls to the end of the document "fast" instead.
Haven't tested it yet. You'd put the code in your UI Initialisation script, so it runs either when the game starts or when a game is loaded.

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