Newbie Question about custom commands

Hi, I'm following the tutorial and trying to add a custom command 'weigh' to the game object. I'm using 5.8.0 and the tutorial seems a bit out of date in places. So I cannot add the test for a 'weight' attribute in the way the tutorial describes.
So my script looks like:

if (HasAttribute(this, "weight")) {
msg ("The " + + " weighs " + object.weight + " grams.")
else {
msg ("You cannot estimate the weight of that")

The script looks ok but the 'else' condition always happens regardless of whether the object has a weight attribute. This seems like a fundamental concept so I must be doing something wrong.

Advice gratefully received.

if (HasAttribute(this, "weight")) { should be if (HasAttribute(object, "weight")) {.

The variable this always refers to the thing that you select in the editor when want to you edit the script. For a verb, that's the object. For a custom command, this means the command itself. So you want to use object to refer to the object.

Excellent thanks. That works. Unfortunately the IDE does not let you select 'object' without also typing the name of a specific object. But you can switch to code mode and enter HasAttribute(object, "weight") so its not too much of a pain.
Thanks again for the quick reply.

I've not used the IDE much. But for the most part, choosing "Expression" will help.
In this context, both HasAttribute (object, "weight") and the variable name object are considered expressions.

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