mono in 2021

I'm on osx and am trying to get this to compile under mono, since I don't see an executable to run. (I'm not familiar with .NET, so maybe I'm looking right at it.) When I try to compile, I just get a bunch of errors. When I searched this forum for mono the last post I see is from 2017 and there wasn't a solution.

I've tried csc, mcs, msbuild, xbuild, vbnc, and mono.

Has there been any progress?


Quest 6 is in development. In fact, Quest 6 is in a usable state, but the GUI editor is not in a usable state. Anyway, Quest 6 will be cross-platform. Its code is 100% JS, and the editor is an Electron app.

Quest 6:

Quest 6 wiki:


To answer your question, though: no, not that I'm aware of. I drove myself mad trying to make Quest run in WINE on Linux, as well is under MONO. (I actually got the editor to open one time under WINE and compiled a one-room game, but trying to play a game caused it to crash. ...and I don't recall knowing what I'd done differently to make the editor work that long. It seems like the next time I ran Quest in that environment, it wouldn't compile the same game. [SHRUG])

I'm on OSX, so I'm not expecting to get the editor up and running. My goal is to get the web server running so I can play *.quest games without having to rely on textadventures web server. I was actually successful in getting the web server to run, but I can't figure out how to pass it the game file.

I'll take a look at Quest 6 - it might be just what I need. Thanks!

My goal is to get the web server running so I can play *.quest games [...], but I can't figure out how to pass it the game file.

Ah! I see now (said the blind man)!

Does this help?

Hello, again.

I just realized that only shows how to load a game in the web player running from Visual Studio. Sorry about that. I should have paid more attention, but, retrospectively, that is still the only info I can find concerning your issue.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: I am not very knowledgeable in this area. Anyone who has gotten the web player to run outside of Visual Studio is at least 2 levels above my level of "expertise" (using that term very loosely in my case). Therefore, I regretfully can't offer much more (if any more) assistance on this one.)

Meanwhile, there is another member of the Quest community who is currently attempting to host the web player on their own site. (Click here to view the forum thread.) So, I hate to ask, but, if you could maybe post the steps you took to get the web player running outside of Visual Studio, I bet numerous people would greatly appreciate having that documented somewhere.

@KV I got a solution for you. Also, I'm two levels above you, maybe even more. In a few days, I might write a blog post on it; you can check my blog or personal blog.

Don't worry its relatively straightforward, it took around 3 hours for me, host it online and that too for free, both with hosting and domain name. xD

Can you give me +4 level above you? Just kidding :p

Here is my game, click here to check and if possible play it :p. It is still under beta.

There is a problem with saving on your server. If you try to save you get a 'Failed to save' message. Hope, you can solve this problem.

Here is a self-hosted game with HTTPS enabled. my house

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