status attribute problem

so I'm using the desktop version and I was running the tutorial until I came accross status attributes. I followed the tutorial step by step and the score status doesn't show on the right panes.

I opened a new proyect and did just that step to see if it had something to do with game options but it didn't show either.

Do you mean that the score doesn't show in the status attributes pane, or the status pane doesn't show at all?

I fixed it. sry
I made the attributes on the object called "Player" and for some reason on the game options on the player tab the player object wasn't selected.

so I selected it

player object = Player

and now it shows the attributes just fine.

That's one thing that I don't like about Quest...
Player is not player, is not PLAYER, is not pLayer…
Coming from Basic, I have a habit of being loose with my capitation with my variables...
That, and spaces in variable names...

if you want to learn more about using the 'statusattributes', I got step by step walkthrough guide on creating your own demo game on using statusattributes:

DarkLizerd I feel ya bro

quest is case-sensitive:

"dragon" is NOT equal to "dragoN"

and also, while not a case-sensitivty issue, you also got to understand the difference in Data Types:

"dragon" (a String Value) is NOT equal to 'dragon' (an Object Reference/Pointer Value --- ignore my single quotes, they don't belong -- usually single quotes create/are a 'char' data type in most languages, but its just my way of highlighting it as I've not learned how to do the color coding with this site's markdown/html language, I should, as it makes things so much more nice --- see mrangel's, pixie's, and KT's very easy to understand help posts with their color-code highlighting)

welcome to programming! --- you got to be 100% typo/error/mistake/grammar/syntax/spelling free/perfect for the computer to understand your writing/coding/instructions. Just one teeny tiny mistake, and an entire massive scripting block can fail, or the game won't even play and/nor load/open up in the GUI/Editor for you to be able to fix it

you can always just right click on your 'NAME_OF_GAME.aslx' game file itself to get at its entire game code, and if online, you'd have to download it first, and/or ask Manowar for the file if can't download it yourself

coders/programmers are (or learn quickly to be) the best spelling-grammar-checkers, lol :D

"... coders/programmers are (or learn quickly to be) the best spelling-grammar-checkers, lol :D..."
Oddly.... My spelling has actually improved since I started programming...
BUT, there are exceptions...
IE: All spell checkers don't like "goto"...
but in Basic, that is a branch command:
If A=b then goto line 100...
But people go to town...

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