Introducing Quest to children

I want to introduce this engine to my kids who are about to turn 9 and 10. I want to show them there is more to computers than just Roblox and Fortnite.
Although i have very basic knowledge of quest, i have no idea how to introduce it to them in such a way as not to scare them of how difficult it is.
Has anyone attempted this and how did you go about it?
Are they too young?

Quest may be a little advanced, beyond the basic functions...
Make room, describe room...
Add objects, describe objects...
Make exits...
Play game...
(Actually, that is 80% of Quest programming)
Get them started, have each one make a maze for the other to escape from...

You can do a lot without any scripting. The problem is, when they start thinking outside of the box - which should be encouraged - you will need the scripting. That may be doable even at the age for simple things, but you would need to be fairly clear yourself on what can be scripted simply, and head them off the more complicated stuff.

Get them started, have each one make a maze for the other to escape from...

I would suggest have them each create something completely different, whatever catches their imagination, but limited to, say, six rooms (at least at first).

I'm not a child anymore but I'm child-like, lol.

I took my first programming class at Taylor University in summer, after I graduated 8th grade. But it wasn't actual programming, I was using a program called Scratch that taught the basics of most programming languages, without actually introducing the languages. You could make small movies and games using it, but all I ever made was a few "animated slide shows." Years later, I found this website and Quest. It looked cool, so I wanted to try it out. I got confused as to what the difference between game books and text adventures, but other than that, figuring out the program was just trial and error. Quest is not exactly like Scratch, but it's very similar, so I got the hang of it quickly.

Just introduce them carefully to it. Think and talk about it like a toy or book making kit. I recommend making a book, a movie, a puzzle, a fantasy room to walk in, just simple things.

I hope that helps. Good luck!

(P.S. I recommend Scratch too, because you can make drawings on it or upload drawings from MS Paint and make movies. Or animated slide shows. Lol.)

I introduced Quest to my niece this past weekend. She's 8 and had a story she wrote. I helper her turn it into a game...
She enjoyed it and had fun.
I created all the rooms, made exits for half of them, and simple room descriptions and added a few objects.
I had her complete the rest of the exits, describe some of the rooms, and had her create the puzzle that needed solving...
It was a 50/50, or so, project... But is was a start.
I thing I will have her expand the room descriptions next.

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