sometimes we want to add a bit of the player's personality to our textadventures or gamebooks. That's what I want to do.

The player should be able to enter a name in a textfield. This name gets assigned to a variable.

I looked into GitHub and in docs/functions there's actually a file. GetInput() gets user input and returns it as String. So far, so simple. Unfortunately GetInput() isn't supported anymore. The new function is apparently GetInput(script command). But the link in the .md-file only leads to an empty page.
Does anyone know what the parameter "script command" is supposed to be?

Thanks in advance.

The docs seem quite clear to me:

(Does that page not appear in the offline docs or something?)

Huh. The link you posted works just fine (thanks for the info).

I really have no clue. I clicked on the link in and landed on a GitHub page which simply said "Nothing here".

Perhaps I'm in the wrong docs? ... I don't know.

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