Changing Direction Allias (Solved)

Is there a way to change the name of a direction allias so in the room description, instead of saying "there is a north" I can instead say "there is a kitchen?"

Yes, you can change the alias of the exit to whatever you want.
The only difficulty will be with the web editor, which for some reason doesn't let you enter a new alias. So if you're editing online, you would need to use a script at the start of the game to change the alias.

For example, if your exit's name is exit113, you could add a line to the start script:

exit113.alias = "kitchen"

By default, exits have a name that is just exit and a number. To find out what it is, you would have to use the function GetExitByName (for example GetExitByName (hallway, "north") which returns the name of an exit from its current alias. But usually it will be easier just to give the exit a name in the editor.

Thank you so much

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