Can't make enemy respawn (Solved)

Help please so player.respawntick goes up by 1 every time i enter any room in the game, I made it so if it's higher than 10 it calls function respawnmobs for testing ((Usually it would be  > 50 )) So my issue is that nothing happens this is my respawn function script: if expression player.respawntick > 10
make visible object Green Snake
make invisible object Green Snake Corpse
set variable Green Snake.hitpoints = 12
set variable Green Snake.frozen= 0
set player.respawntick = 0 exp^ressions so i dont get it nothing happens at all the snake corpse just remains in the room

OOPS MY BAD i set the variable respawntick to 0 ONTOP of this block of events/code by mistake lol no wonder it didn't work sorry!

Damn it now it works the enemy respawns and attacks but the corpse stays there, i tried making corpse invisible too but nothing

Fixed it sorry for being annoying!


Hey, no problem! You're learning, and we're getting to see you learning!

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