Help HegemonKhan Game

Hey. I looked up an old forum for turn combat, and I digged up some code that HegemonKhan wrote.
I'd message him myself if I knew how.
(Forum/code link)
I simply need to know how to set up an attack and how to type up/start the attack command.
Also, if I could get a version of this without speed, and where the enemy always goes last, that would be nice. But if it's too difficult I guess I'd just stick with this.

that code is old and is poor/bad code, as this was back when I was first learning to code, but it's still good for ideas and how to see how to code the various things in it.

you're better off using Pixie's combat library (v2.0 or is it v3.0?, meh)

combat can be very simple or very complex

what do you want for your combat system, describe/explain your desired combat system, as then I can help you with it.

I'm using the web version, so I don't use combat libraries.

As I've said, I like turn-combat. Not timed. Your system here looked good to me, albeit incomplete.

P.S., I'm doing a Pokémon game. For fun, of course.

I don't think Pokémon is hard or complex. ...But yeah, I need help.
So I mixed Pixie's Zombie game, "Zombie 2," with my "New RPG."
...Yeah, I'll leave...

you need to describe and explain what and how you want to do your combat for me, in order to be able to help you better with it, as it's too broad and too much to teach, in terms of general combat coding, much easier to have something specific, which I can then guide/help/explain/teach you through, step by step.

but really, it's going to be hard for you to understand, until you first understand Attributes and the 'if' Script usage. If you start with learning Attributes and the 'if' Script, then you can "easily" do combat and anything else you want in your game. I'd recommend that you first learn about Attributes and the 'if' Script, as it'll be easier for you to follow along and understand things better, as I then help you with your combat coding.

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