Is there any way to sort player attributes?


I have a lot of attributes and I want some to be grouped together so I can find them easier.

is this during game play by the person playing the game or as organization for yourself as the game maker?

if you want them sorted during game play:

unfortunately, there's some hidden code within the quest engine or underlying code that does its own sorting of the special 'statusattributes' Attributes feature, which I don't think people have found yet... if my memory serves...

so, you just can't do anything about it, if you want or need to use the 'statusattributes'

though, if you create your own "menu" to show your character (or whatever) stats, then you can easily sort their display in how you want it to be sorted and displayed

a simple example, using a 'Command' Element:

(the 'css' is a bad example for its pattern, but I'm lazy lol, as it could possibly over-right or mess with any html/css type of coding that quest likely uses or can use)

// you'd type in during game play: css

<command name="character_stats_screen">


    msg ("")
    msg ("Strength: " + game.pov.strength_integer_attribute)
    msg ("Endurance: " + game.pov.endurance_integer_attribute)
    msg ("Dexterity: " + game.pov.dexterity_integer_attribute)
    msg ("Agility: " + game.pov.agility_integer_attribute)
    msg ("Speed: " + game.pov.speed_integer_attribute)
    msg ("Luck: " + game.pov.luck_integer_attribute)
    wait {


As I understand it, attributes are always shown in the order of creation. I don't think there's any way to change this. However, if you're talking about an object's initial attributes, I think you can change their order in code view.

As far as I can tell the same applies to status attributes; you can change the order of attributes within each dictionary, but the separate dictionaries will be displayed in the same order (and the 'health' and 'money' entries will always be moved to the end at the start of the game)

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