Ask Question and Input?

Essentially, with the game I'm trying to make, I'm having issues with using the input from the ask question script.

What I'm trying to do with it is make a minigame on a computer in the game I'm making, which will transport the player into a room where this minigame takes place, right now I want the computer to also be used for multiple things, such as allowing the player to read up on certain events happening in their home town. So my real question is, how would I allow the player to select different choices for use on the computer in my game?

Ask, shows an inline menu of the specified question, and returns a boolean variable result with true if the player answers “Yes” to the question.

Example code of Ask:
When asked, "Are you sure?", the core function (might be a command) of Quest shows the player two links in a menu, Yes and No.
The if (result){ checks the answer the player gives to a yes or no question. If the result matches, Yes, the message, "Yes, you are." is printed out

Ask ("Are you sure?") {
  if (result){
    msg ("Yes, you are")
 else {
   msg ("You're gonna have to say, No, to the question.")

The else { line will print out the message, "You're gonna have to say, No, to the question."

Those are your only option with "Ask". A yes or a no.

I believe you want ShowMenu.
This will also give you info on asking the player questions

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