Need help with character interaction (Gamebook Edition)

Hello everyone! I'm brand new to the Quest scene, and I've been working on an interactive fiction story in Gamebook set during the French Revolution (Heavily based on narrative so that's why I'm using gamebook). I'm having a really hard time trying to implement consequences to the player character's decisions and have the NPCs reflect on the dialogue choices made by the character.

The game I have in mind has multiple different endings and depending on the player's dialogue choices, the NPCs will either react positively or negatively. I could go about this by typing page after page, but is there any non-cumbersome way of going about this?
The problem is, is that I've found so much information on Quest Documentation pages about coding within Gamebook, but I have absolutely no idea where to start.

I'd go into more detail if I could, but I'm very inexperienced when it comes to this so I'm sorry if I am way too vague.

Prepare a series of pages that will result to Ending 1.
Then prepare another set of pages that will result to Ending 2. So on and so forth.
Or at least that's what I do. The pages have different answers and each answer will lead to different outcome.

Page 1: NPC explaining to player of history and stuff. At the end of the page the player is required to choose from a series of options.
Option 1: Leave Guide (NPC) explore on your own
Option 2: Stick with Guide
Option 3: Prank the Guide

And each option will lead the player to different outcomes. And you just branch and connect it if you want. And prepare different endings.

Did that help?

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