making a status attribute

I'm making a dungeon crawl game, but it's space, you have limited oxygen, there's a ship you use to get to other dungeons, and the "dungeons" are overrun space stations.

You can sometimes find survivors that can react to your gender (a simp might give whatever a female player wants but shoot a guy player)

However, that's not related.

I would like to know how to make the status attribute to use the integer from the oxygen attribute, without the status attribute being the actual oxygen attribute.

Help. Please.

At the "Game" object, you will find the Game's attriutes and also may state at the top of the screen, the Status Attributes you want in the game. Every Status Attribute is actually a "manifestation" of another attribute. When you create a Status Attribute, you do things like "Oxygen=" in its name and then the expression will be "!". This exclamation point means the value of "Oxygen=" will be another attribute or even an expression and during the creation of the Status Attribute you will tell the game what other attribute or expression it will use.

So, if you create an attribute named "O2" for the character or the game, you may tell the Status attribute it will be written on the screen as "Oxygen Level:" and the number after it will be an expression of the "O2" attribute stored in the game, player or aywhere else. Even "O2" itself would be an expressions using the "Stamina" plus "Health" attributes, what when one of those changes, the "Oxygen Level" will also change. The Quest documentation has a recipe for making attributes. But, in fact, the Status Attribute will never be the actual attribute.

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