Very new to this.

Is there any way to get the out border to another colour?
When I "play" the game I have teh game and an ugly white left and right border. Ive seen one game manage to put something in it.
Any help



There is a 'Margin color' option on the 'Display' tab of the game object.





I only have that in Text adventure not in Gamebook... any ideas?


Oh. You didn't mention this was a game book, and I assumed incorrectly. (I had a 50/50 shot. Go figure.)

I do not know what color you want it to be, but, if you want it to match your selected background color, paste this into script on the game object:

JS.eval ("$('body').css('background', '"+game.defaultbackground+"')")


Im really sorry where do I place that?


If you want it black, you can just put this:

JS.eval ("$('body').css('background', 'black');")



im using the downloads version to my computer im seeing stuff on ur screen that i don;t have. The link you sent don't change the margin colour for some reason. Sorry to bother you like this

Fuck the online version is different


I can't get into Windows at the moment.

There should be a"Script when entering a page" tab on the game object, though. You should be able to click 'Code view' on that script and paste my code in there.

no code view button but i do have the script in java on that page. For some reason its just not changing. Mind you i did it with teh online version worked first time.

thank you for your help






The different versions of Quest (online or desktop) and the different modes (Text Adventure or Gamebook) do make things a little complicated at first.

Thank you again. I reset the computer and tried again. It finally worked

My next question If I can take your time... is it possible to embed a video that isn't sourced from the net? Like you would in powerpoint.


There is a 20 MB upload limit if you plan to upload your game to this site, just to warn you up front.

...but the answer is yes.

Like you would in powerpoint.

Well, I don't know how you do it in PowerPoint, but in Quest you do it pretty much in HTML.

You have to be sure the video is in the same folder as your game's .aslx file.

You have to add the proper extension to the list of published extensions on your game object.

An mp4 will not play in the desktop version of Quest. It will play on Windows and Linux. It will play on Macs if the user has a plugin installed (I think most Mac users have this plugin installed and don't even know it). It will play on Android, but I don't know if it will play on iThings.

An ogv will play in the desktop version of Quest, but it seems like someone said there are issues on iThings. (I don't own any Apple hardware, so this is hearsay at best.)

Wait, wait, wait... I forgot about the new documentation...

This starts off talking about adding YouTube videos (which I advise you to do if you're not familiar with HTML and JS). Step 1 and Step 2 are usually all people use. Anything beyond that, and you're going to be doing some coding.

The HTML bit (which is what you'd have to do) begins here:

If you're still brave enough to press on after reading that and you get stuck, post some code and we'll help you out.



If you are wanting to do things like this, you probably don't want to be using the Gamebook mode in Quest. I would advise Squiffy or making a text adventure look like a gamebook.

Quest's Gamebook mode is VERY basic. I'm not sure the exact percentage, but I'd guess it only does 30% of the things a Quest text adventure will do. Maybe less.

If you DO stick with a Quest Gamebook, be double sure you mention that you're making a gamebook every time you create a new thread here. Otherwise, we'll tell you how to do things in a text adventure. You'll try, and it probably won't work. Everyone will be let down.

Im using it for a new kids comedy show I'm doing. I'm looking for a new way to present and play games with the kids. It won't be uploaded it will be used from my laptop as a pick a path presentation. Quest was the one I picked up easier that the others. Because I'll be constantly changing stuff, upgrading and improving.. over time I'll get much better at this... lol I hope. Problem is I have ZERO ability with coding and what I remember of HTML goes back to when I use to use Front page to make website for myself.
I'm working with it for a week or so if i can't get what I need out of the program I'll have another look around. I have less than 55 days till I'm on stage and I'm writing the show as I go as well. The show is defined by tech I have.
Thanks again I will see what can be done re the video a little later on. I'll see how many I need in the show and if they can be done without.


If you get everything BUT the adding links to your videos done around 2 weeks or so in advance, you can post your game's code with a note in each place you want a video with the file's name, like:

// video_name1.mp4 should play now!

...and we could probably get you going within a day or three, as long as there weren't any other issues with your code.

All I can promise is that someone would try, though, without knowing what all we'll be working with... And it wouldn't bode well if it came right down to it and you couldn't use your videos.

Also, I just realized, using Squiffy won't help with the videos. You'd need to write code that would be nearly identical to what you'd need in Quest.

It's not that bad, as long as the video's dimensions aren't too big.

filename = "video_name1.mp4"
src = GetFileURL(filename)
msg("<video src=\""+src+"\" autoplay style='max-width:90%;' />")

(I'm using the black code too. I hope you don't mind. Thanks.)

(It did not work when I put it in the game start script, but ir did when I put it into the game's inter user face (is that what that is?) script. Thanks.


Sorry, I didn't see your last post, jmne.

You're always welcome to use any code I post (at your own risk; no guarantee; no warranty).

...and I thought your game was a text adventure? If so, you should be able to just use the GUI:

@K.V. I either did not find that thing, or it didn't work. Either way.

How do you put items in a container?


How do you put items in a container?

Are you creating a game or playing a game?



If it's a game-book, I wish you the best of luck! (You'd need to make a page and a link to handle this, creating the illusion of performing the action, just like everything else in a game-book.)

If it's a text adventure:

In a gamebook, you can't create any objects other than the player, so you cannot create a container. You will have to use your imagination.
But you can make a text adventure look like a gamebook, if you want.

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