Dynamic Rooms?

I'm looking at making a roguelike and while reviewing the documentation and tutorial videos I can't seem to understand how one could either generate a random world or create one dynamically as the game progresses.

Use this to create rooms and objects:

... or build prototypes in the editor and clone them:

... and this for exits:

Thanks so much!

jay (jaynabonne) (sadly he's gone now) made some random dungeon coding/libraries:

(err, I thought he had a random room generator, but can't find it now... only could find his stuff on the grid-map feature)



and there's Pixie's 'deeper' game too:



(these links might be old... what I could find in my quick search/browsing for his thread on his 'deeper' game)

and other resources from other people too:


I'm an old Basic programmer.... In Basic, there were no objects or rooms.
I made Wumpus as a "1 room" game.

Basically, when the player would exit the room, you just update the room description and put the player back in the same room.
All you would need would be a list of rooms, each exit, and room descriptions.
If the room has an object, just add it to the room before the player enters.

I also have a random maze program, in Basic, that I am breaking down to figure out how it generates the map.
It generates a map with just one path from entrance to exit.
That as a base would work for a Rogue based game.

It generates a map with just one path from entrance to exit.

Edit: Sorry, thought my thoughts might be helpful

If you want bottlenecks... just divide up the map...
Section 1: random map with 3 keys, one will open the exit door
Section 2: random map with 2 keys needed to exit, A monster has one, the other one is hidden.
Section 3: same as before...
This would prevent the key needed to open the door from 1 to 2 from being in area 2 or 3.
But, you could have the key to get out of 3 in area 1 or 2...

I'm an old Basic programmer.... In Basic, there were no objects or rooms.

Back in the early 80s I made a Pacman game with a random map in BASIC, on the BBC micro. It was a bit different to Deeper. In Pacman, you have a specific area, and that area needs to be filled. For Deeper, each level could sprawl across quite a large area, with bits with nothing at all. That said, for both there was a second step that checks all areas are accessible, and adds exits if required.

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