Turn off all inventory verbs?

If I want to display the inventory, but not show verbs in the inventory box, is there a way to turn off all verbs? I can remove inventory verbs from each object individually, but is there a universal setting for this?

The simplest way to do this is probably just hiding the element you don't want.

  • JS.uiHide("#inventoryAccordion .verbButtons") and
  • JS.uiShow("#inventoryAccordion .verbButtons")
  • Note that this will only last as long as the game is open, so they would reappear when loading a saved game.
    To get around this, you would want to put the command in the "UI Initialisation" script, which is in the 'Advanced Scripts' tab on the game object. The UI Initialisation script is run before starting a new game, and also when loading a saved game.

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