Describing the object without it all being underslined as a link to click on

I'd like to include with the room description, a short description of a object. For example "A sheet of paper is lying on the ground and have the game refer to "Sheet of Paper" so if the player picks up the paper ir is shown in the inventory as "Sheet of paper".
I have a feeling that I found a way to do this before but have forgotten, it might have something to do with the type of object.

So the text would read "You are at a path junction. There is a piece of paper lying on the ground.
(get paper)
You Pick it up
You are carrying a sheet of paper


Sounds like you want "in room descriptions". You can enable it on the game's 'Features' tab.

Set the paper's in room description to "A sheet of paper is lying on the ground.". You can also make it scenery to prevent the default "You can see:" line from showing up; or disable that line completely on the 'Interface' tab if you're intending to use in-room descriptions for all items.

Thanks mrangel.

I don't suppose you can create a link on certain works in the description like you can using the gamebook side of Quest for a text adventure. For example the description is "A sheet of paper is lying on the ground" and have the words "paper" underlined in red as a link for the drop down menu.


Yes. In the in-room description you can use text processor commands like normal. So you could set it to A piece of {object:Sheet of paper:paper} is lying on the ground.

The syntax (if I remember correctly) is {object:Actual name of the object:text that you want to appear in the link}

(Note that's the name of the object, not its alias)

Thanks mrangel.
That will give me something to work with.
Good to know also that Quest is not a limited program like some I've come across.


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