Character Creation link is not working?

Hi everyone!

I've been trying to access this document, after I've been told to read it on a few different forums: However, it's no longer working for me on any browser. Is it still up, and how could I access it?

Thanks very much in advance :)

I think it has something to do with the browser we're using and/or with this site's forum's formatting/coding messing up the hyperlink

highlight, copy, and paste that manually into the url -- if it still doesn't work... then try doing the same with this:


I'm able to click on them (my urls in the code boxes)... and they work for me... lol
(so it has nothing to do with the browsers we're using)

(I too get an error trying to go to the webpage, when I put the url into the post as a hyperlink, without putting them into the code boxes)

(something with this site and its post's coding-formatting, which conflicts with the hyperlink)

(the coding box prevents the url from being tampered with by the post's code formating)

I don't think it's the forum messing about. I think the address of the page has just changed at some point. The URL in the first post has an extra "/guides" in the middle.

oops... didn't notice that... ya... that's an older link/webpage... before the new forum switch (and migration of everything) and/or quest doc site/webpages being updated/moved-around/re-organized by pixie ... so that's why that old link doesn't work


yep... this link works fine for me...

so, ya... you were just using an old link... (didn't notice it was different from the link I was using)

Originally Quest 5 documentation was in a Wiki anyone could edit. The "doc site switch" was the move to GitHub, at which point Alex used the guides section to store documentation written by other people (mostly me!).

Since I took over, I have been slowly working to update the documentation. The pages in the guides section varied from old to very old. I deleted the dross and redundant, and integrated the rest into the main documentation where people will find it (unless they kept the links...). I am still deciding what to do with the few remaining pages, but eventually the guides section will go.

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